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We will either buy it or dispose of it economically. One machine or a complete plant.

If you havent used it in three months, you should consider selling it or scrapping it, because it is not making you money! We have a very large export market. If you don’t need it, surely there is a company out there that does! Just send me a few photos and a brief description and I will provide you with a value within 24 hours. 

We can take just about anything; printing presses of all types, milling machines, lathes, any heavy equipment. Complete the form to the right to receive a free quote fast!

Call or text us 704-402-7665

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Talk to or text an expert 704-402-7665

We operate in all 48 mainland States and fully insured.

How it works. It’s as easy as 1-2-3.

1.) Get a Free Quote

2.) Schedule a Removal Date

3.) We Arrive and Perform the Removal Process

Over 38 years experience moving large industrial machinery